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Dynnerghewgh dhe Logh!  Welcome to Looe! Looe is the principal seaside town of south-east Cornwall   Looe harbour is the base for an important fishing fleet and the town is also the headquarters of British shark-fishing.
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Looe Harbour Commissioners Elections
Thursday 17th Oct 2019 - Are you a local voter? Remember to Vote!
   Why vote? Well, Looe harbour is directly involved in more critical aspects in the town of Looe than you might think. The Board of Commissioners have control of the two harbourside car parks, lease various units and buildings to fishing related industries as well as employ 10 persons for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the harbour. As well as moorings and quayside berths for some 85 private boats and dinghies, the fishing fleet at Looe consists of 47 vessels of various sizes (mainly under 10 metres in length) from Trawlers to hand line mackerel boats. The fleet employs approximately 120 fishermen with another 40 workers employed in the ancillary related industries.
   The current harbour commissioners have developed and run the West Looe quayside centre (opposite the fire station). We have been making sure the harbour was repaired after the storms in 2014. We have re-developed the old Sardine Factory and have been working on the outer harbour and flood defences securing funding from the Environmental Agency (EA), Cornwall Council, and others. Some town folk may not realise the positive impact the harbour commissioners have within this town. Thus, please vote on the 17th October as this will affect the direction the board takes over the next 3 years.    There are 10 seats and 15 candidates.
The above information was provided by Jasper Graham-Jones who is one of the current commissioners and is standing for re-election along with 14 other candidates. Jasper has submitted an "election address" to this website, which we will be happy to publish if some or all of the other candidates do so as well - so candidates, please contact us!
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In medieval times there were two towns on opposite banks of the River Looe. East Looe includes the fishing harbour, the main shopping centre and the sandiest beach. West Looe is quieter, but also has shops, restaurants and hotels and leads to Hannafore with its fine views of Looe Island. The two towns are now one, joined by a bridge across the Looe river.
Photo by Simon Lawrence - copyright Photo by Simon Lawrence - copyright
A fresh view of Looe
Like many a visitor, photographer Simon Lawrence discovered Looe and its potential for a memorable photo. He has a fresh view and an exceptional eye for both the wide views and the close-up details that we often overlook. Simon has produced a stimulating portfolio of Looe full of striking colours and intriguing shapes. Here (left) are just 4 of his photos - click on them to get larger versions. You can see lots more of Simon's photos on his website - click here - if you like them you can buy high quality prints which will look really good on your wall
Photo by Simon Lawrence - copyright Photo by Simon Lawrence - copyright
The last days of working fishing luggers in Cornwall are vividly captured in a book by former Looe fisherman Paul Greenwood. His frank account of the hardships he encountered at sea as a young crewman aboard the lugger Iris in the 1960s is a brilliant evocation of a bygone age that contrasts with modern conditions in the fishing industry today.
   In Once Aboard A Cornish Lugger, the author describes how he overcame sea-sickness and learned his job on deck working the nets and lines alongside four other crewmen aboard the Iris, skippered by Frank ‘Moogie’ Pengelly, the last lugger skipper left in the port of Looe. In the four and a half years he spent aboard the Iris, Paul Greenwood endured fatigue, cold and wet, often in rough weather while working night and day hauling nets and lines. “Those four years that I worked with ‘Moogie’ set me up well for the rest of my sea-going career,” he says, “because nothing subsequently ever seemed as hard or as physically demanding as the time I spent working on the deck of the Iris.”
   Visit our page on Cornish luggers which has details of how and where you can buy this book - click here

Nelson remembered
Statue of Nelson the seal at Looe, Cornwall - photo copyright www.looe.org 2008 For many years Looe had a popular & much-loved regular visitor to its harbour - a seal called Nelson (because he had lost one eye in an injury or accident). Sadly Nelson has gone to the great ocean in the sky but now he is fittingly commemorated by a handsome life-size statue in the harbour which was formally unveiled in 2008 by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the famous sailor. Local sculptor Suzie Marsh gave her services in making the sculpture free of charge and the costs of casting and siting the bronze statue were met by grants and donations from many charitable and other bodies and by individuals.
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East Looe Quay - May 2008 - photo copyright  www.looe.org - all rights reserved
East Looe beach - photo copyright Tim Johnson and www.looe.org 2003
Looe river and bridge July 2003 - photo copyright RJT
West Looe quayside - photo RJT Aug 2003, copyright
View across Looe river to Millpool and East Looe river - May 2008 - photo copyright www.looe.org - all rights reserved
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